March 5, 2009

A Book Review...100 pages in

I think I might lobotomize and blind myself if I read anymore of Christine Feehan's Dark Prince. Torture. If I was into romance and needed some one handed reading it would be fine, it goes on for pages. I can't read this book fast. Three days I have been reading it and I think I am 100 pages in. I could have finished at least three books in that time.

I am mad at the book, it's kill me already pacing and far too much sex. I cannot read a book that refers to vaginas as "centers" while being moist, expanding, ready, sheaths, and other countless euphemisms! Can't they use something that doesn't lower my IQ and make me laugh. Not to mention a man's penis. It's always his hardness! She could feel his hardness or bulging hardness. Blah! No imagination. Boring. If I ever read romance again I need it smutty and quick. Not laughable. I can't finish it. I gave it plenty of time. I'd rather read my college economics course book.

The vampires sucked, too, and not the way I like them to suck.

Next up...Generation Dead. Teens and the dead won't stay dead. No vampires.


Blogger Louise Tripp said...

Ha, wow. That sounds atrocious! I am staying far away from that book. Lemme know how the teenage zombies are. :)

1:23 PM  
Blogger Louise Tripp said...

Noticed you haven't posted in forever. Come back, Charity!!! :)

11:16 PM  

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