January 28, 2009

Such a liar.

I said I was going to do this and that but I haven't. Even with the computer I haven't done anything.

I will admit to too much British TV.

Do not be surprised if I develop an accent and have at least one of the following abilities:

-solving crimes only a genius can figure out
-a sharp-tongued comedienne from Ireland. "I'm a happy drunk!"
-super hero
-character from any of Jane Austen's novels...a TV series as well!
-a lonely janitor in space (with robots, I made) forced there by crazy scientists and made to watch horrible movies all while making you laugh hysterically at my jokes (not British)
-taking a holiday in Benidorm, Spain. It's all inclusive!
-one of two gardeners who happen to work where a murder always happens and I solve it!
-70's era Mr. wizard who explains it all without the Mr.wizard but stupid, wrong and fun all at once
-in space (again!) but in charge of a lackluster crew of hapless idiots trying to stay out of trouble but then again I am Simon Pegg's best friends, in real life.
-an attractive teacher with a great voice...oh I turn myself on
-psychic working at a Scottish University solving paranormal phenomenon. Yeah for finally being a Scot!
-a witch who gives birth to some devil child or whatever, he's so hot I'd fuck my own kid but too bad I die.

Let's not start with American TV. Nor my love affair at living at the top of the world. I know I would be miserable for the 9 months of unimaginable temperatures but it's irresistible for now and I like thinking of living there for a year. Driving on rivers and seas and for 4-6 weeks you can only come in by plane. The Dempster Highway into town during the summer is dusty, which is an understatement and there is just one gas station on it's 375 mile journey. They manage to have more than my own county has...go figure. I should mention it's Inuvik, Northwest Territories, Canada. If you have heard of Yellowknife and thought it was really far, Inuvik is further north.

I'm A, Inuvik is B...Canada is too big.

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Blogger nobodyuknow said...

"Do not be surprised if I develop an accent [...]"

you and madonna could be fake brits together!

"one of two gardeners who happen to work where a murder always happens and I solve it!"


i haven't done much of anything this week either. monday, i showered, did a load of laundry, and washed dishes. yesterday i managed to rearrange the kitchen counter tops and wipe out half of the cabinets. i feel like i could have done much more. it's winter, it's gloomy, and i just wanna stay in bed!

9:02 AM  
Blogger Louise Tripp said...

Heh, now you need to tell me what all these shows are (well, a few I can guess, but the rest!). Yay! I'm glad to see you posting more! :)

5:27 PM  
Blogger Charity said...

listed in order:

-Jonathan Creek
-Dylan Moran (of Black Books, was watching his stand up show again)meant to say comedian not comedienne changing genders duh!
-No Heroics
-Lost in Austen
-Rosemary and Thyme
-Look Around You
-Seas of Souls

I'm glad you are posting more as well!!! keep doing it!

5:55 PM  

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