January 29, 2009

Lost in Austen

I must tell you about this series from the UK, Lost in Austen.

A woman discovers Elizabeth Bennett in her bathroom then she leaves just as quickly. The next day is when they switch places, rather accidentally on Amanda's part but Elizabeth knew what she was doing. So Amanda finds herself in the middle of Pride & Prejudice her favorite story...ever. As they say in the UK it all goes tits up but surely it is made right in the end...

Mr. Darcy is fantastic he isn't crossing any fields like in the 2005 movie but he is a little over developed for a gentleman of the time. Not that I minded seeing him come out of the fountain all smoldering and wet looking like he was having his way with me with only his eyes.

Not that I find that attractive, men standing around being muscular and wet, some how, and staring me down. It doesn't hurt when the time is right for staring which is pretty much every time I sit down for a movie. So don't get me started on 300 and all those thighs running around in leather underpants. Which should be edited to my own personal liking with only thighs and butts for the most part. I'll take stomachs and whatever else as long as it's not all talking and fighting.

But yes if you are a devote Austen fan or even Jemima Rooper fan, make haste!! If you want to know where to find it, free and safely, ask me.


Blogger Louise Tripp said...

Did you say Jemima Rooper? Oh yes! Now I must see this!!!

5:25 PM  
Blogger Charity said...

i will gladly send you them on dvdr with the other show i want to send you!

6:01 PM  

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